To place a Maintenance Request, please log into your AppFolio resident portal HERE.

Check here first to see if your issue is easily solvable:Maintenance Guide to Your New Home

After-Hours Emergency


What constitutes an emergency?

  • No working toilets in the apartment
  • No water
  • No heat
  • Water leak
  • The above issues occurring after business hours (9-5 weekdays)

Helpful Maintenance Tips:

Remember, not everything can be disposed of in a garbage disposal. Avoid putting non-food items in your garbage disposal and any types of hard food or garbage that can cause problems.

Items to avoid include:

  • Chicken bones
  • Steak bones
  • Celery
  • Food peels (apple, potato, carrot, etc.)
  • Flour
  • Rice
If you are experiencing problems with your garbage disposal, please try the reset button first before calling maintenance. This button is located underneath the sink. To get to it, open your cupboard doors and look underneath the garbage disposal unit for a black or red button. Press this button in and then try to run your disposal again. If this does not work, please call or email the maintenance department.
You may find it useful to purchase a mushroom-shaped plunger for your apartment as most calls to maintenance regarding toilet clog problems require only a plunger to fix. You may fix these problems yourself, eliminating your wait for the maintenance staff to arrive. Additionally, calls to maintenance for clogged toilets that only require plunging with a traditional plunger could result in maintenance fees.
In some of our apartments, the light switch that controls power to the furnace/air conditioner is in the utility closet in the kitchen. This switch needs to be on at all times in order for your air conditioner to run. Of course, to turn your heat and A/C on and off, or to control your temperature in general, use the thermostat located in your apartment.
For those of you that are not accustomed to having a gas stove, please note the top of your range will always feel warm to the touch. The pilot lights under the range top must be lit at all times, thus making the range top always feel warm.
Remember that we do not replace light bulbs, unless they are already burnt out when you move in. [This does not include appliance bulbs (i.e. refrigerator bulbs) or inside stairwell light bulbs where a ladder is needed. We will replace these bulbs at no charge to you.] You have one week from the time you move in to request replacement bulbs for burnt out bulbs. Otherwise, you are required to purchase bulbs on your own. Keep in mind that you must replace burnt out bulbs with the same type of bulbs that were present upon your move in. Using the wrong type of bulb (too high wattage, etc.) can damage wiring and sockets, causing electrical fires or damage for which you will be held responsible.