All units include use of:

FREE Rec Room

Why not take a break from studying and come shoot pool in our Recreation Room?

There’s plenty of room to hang out with friends!

Equipped with two flat screen TV’s, you won’t miss the big game or your favorite show.

We also have two Blu-ray players and a mini fridge for your use.

FREE 24-hour Computer Lab with Internet, Printing & Paper

The computer lab features four Windows 7-based computers, all with high speed internet connections, Ethernet hookup, and a shared, networked laser printer.

The computer lab is a great study area for residents, with plenty of room for lab group meetings, study sessions, and to cram for that 8:00 a.m. exam.

Whether you don’t have your own computer, or you have your own computer and simply want to save money on the cost of high speed internet, the computer lab is the best way for you to save money and remain connected with friends, family, and school.

On-site 24-hour Card Swipe Laundry Facility

For the convenience of our residents, we include an on-site laundry facility so if you need to do a load of laundry at 3:00 am, you can.

And no need for change as our card swipe system makes it easy to pay.

The laundry facility consists of 10 washers ($1.75 per load) and 10 dryers ($1.25 per load) and there is vending machine containing laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

FREE 24-hour Fitness Center

A fun and convenient way to stay healthy throughout the year, our fitness facility features the following equipment:

  • Studio and One Bedroom Apartments can purchase 1 pass
  • Two Bedroom Apartments can purchase 1 pass
  • Three Bedroom Apartments can purchase 2 passes
  • Four, Five or Six Bedroom Apartments can purchase 3 passes

The fitness facility is also equipped with a television, visible from all of the exercise equipment, so you don’t have to miss your favorite show when working out. Aside from the equipment, there is also plenty of open space for stretching and cool down.

If you want more workout options, and you’re a current student at The Ohio State University, Jesse Owens North, a more extensive OSU workout facility, is conveniently located across the street.

Only one bill per month makes budgeting a breeze

Call us today at (614) 294-5551 for rates and to reserve next year’s apartment!